Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hipster Cables

Slouchy hats are very "in" right now and there are tons of lovely slouchy beret and tam patterns available on Ravelry.  I thought I would contribute one more in a non-beret variety.  This is just a simple cabled hat that "slouches" just the way I like it.  It's also knit with bulky weight yarn, so it's warm and nice and quick.  Nothing too innovative, just easy and satisfying.  Enjoy!

Pattern:  Hipster Cables (Ravelry link!)
Yarn:  Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, Lion Brand
Needles:  size 10
Gauge:  8 stitches over 2 inches in stockinette


CO 56, place marker, join in the round (don't twist!)
*K2, P2*, repeat * * to end.
Continue in 2x2 rib (by repeating the K2 P2 pattern) for 4.5"

Increase Round:   *K4, P2, K3, Kfb, P1*, repeat * * 4 times, K4, P2, K4, P2 [60 sts]
Round 1-2:      *K4, P2*, repeat * * to end for 2 rounds
Round 3:           *Hold 2 stitches forward, K2, K2 from cable, P2, K4, P2*, repeat * * to end
Round 4-7:      *K4, P2*, repeat * * to end for 4 rounds
Round 8:           *K4, P2, hold 2 stitches forward, K2, K2 from cable, P2*, repeat * * to end
Round 9-12:    *K4, P2*, repeat * * to end for 4 rounds
Round 13-22:  Repeat rounds 3 through 12

Decrease Rounds:   *K2, K2tog, P2*, repeat * * to end
*K3, P2*, repeat * * to end
*S1 K1 Psso, K1, P2*, repeat * * to end
*K2, P2*, repeat * * to end
*K2, P2tog*, repeat * * to end
*K2, P1*, repeat * * to end
*K2tog, P1*, repeat * * to end
K2tog to end

Cut end, thread through remaining loops and pull closed.
Weave ends and block if desired


  1. How did you start designing?? I am an avid knitter and want to design but really dont know how to get started--

  2. I have counted and recounted my stitches and I do have 56 that I cast on. When I go to knit the first increase row I always end up with 5 remaining stitches and not six. Can you help?

  3. Hi ct. I reread the increase row and you are completely right. In order to bring the stitch count from 56sts to 60sts, there needs to be 4 increase stitches, and I have only written in 3. I have rewritten the increase row to get you up to 60sts. Thank you for pointing this out, and let me know if the new Increase Row works for you

  4. ERRATA 7/9/12 : Increase row changed in order to get a stitch count of 60. Originally, it only increased the stitch count to 59.

  5. thank you thank you thank you for your quick response. I thought i was going crazy! I can't wait to knit this up!
    Take care!

  6. Yes! It is working. Thanks again

  7. Sorry im new to knitted what kind of needles am i using.round, double end or straight. Thanks

    1. You can use circular needles and then switch to double pointed needles when you get to the decreases, or you can use double pointed the whole time. If you want some more help, there are some great tutorials on youtube on knitting in the round that you can watch. Good luck!

  8. Thank you so much