Monday, May 28, 2012

Ondos Legwarmers

Another sample design for my "Surfista Collection" is done! The "Ondos Legwarmers". Now time to finish writing and editing the pattern and get it ready for sale. Here are the some photos from the shoot I did on the beach this week.

Ondos is Spanish for those soft wave impressions that you find in sand from the water or wind flowing over it. With these legwarmers I tried to bring the feeling of that natural motive with a lacy fabric so as to not be too hot to wear in mild weather. Perfect to wear on the beach when those sea breezes begin to pick up. A draw string worked into the band order to keep them from slipping down while you’re walking. 

The lace detailing allows it to stretch for most sizes, and warm but not be too warm. Just right for a cool breezy day on the Ecuadorian coast.

The ribbed band at the top is doubled and then knit together. This allows an i-cord to be passed through and tighten to prevent them from slipping down.

The pattern will be for sale on Ravely once this testing knitting is done.